Emergency Services Only Access number

Emergency Services access Only
Ring 01527 372548
if you need the barrier to be opened.
The access road to the Village Hall Car Park has been closed on the grounds of Health and Safety and will be re-opened at the earliest possible
opportunity following repairs.
Thank you for your understanding.

Notice of Closure of access to Wychbold Village Hall Car Park

Notice from Dodderhill Parish Council.

The barrier access to the Village Hall car park will be
closed from Sunday night, 28th Jan 2024.
This is due to safety reasons, because of the damaged
Initial repairs are being arranged and the barrier re-opened as soon as possible.
Full repairs will be needed later on and we will give you
notice when this will happen.
The footpath alongside the access road will remain open, but anyone using the
access footpath to the Village Hall does so at their own risk.
We apologise for any inconvenience

Have your say about future planning developments in and around our area

Have your say about future planning developments in and around our area


Wychavon aims to become an exemplar district council for rural design. They are suggesting using ‘design codes’ to support planning, with the aim of promoting sustainable and neighbourly living.  Read more about the plans for Droitwich and surrounds here:

https://shorturl.at/fiG15   The deadline for feedback is 5th Feb 2024: https://form.jotform.com/233207544927055

Invitation to quote for works to re-surface the access road to Wychbold Village Hall

Dodderhill Parish Council are inviting companies to provide a quotation for works to re-surface the access road to Wychbold Village Hall.

Please see the attached document for details. Photos of the area are available if required by emailing

Thank you for your interest.

Dodderhill Parish Council is Currently advertising for a New Parish Clerk/RFO please see link for details


Parish Council Meeting, New Dates, Times and Location of meetings

Dodderhill Parish Council meetings will be on the 4rd Tuesday of each month, until further notice.

Location Wychbold First School – Classroom 4

Time: 6:30 pm

New home website for Dodderhill Parish Community Hall


Speed Sign on the A38 in Wychbold

Note that this sign is currently broken and requires expensive repairs.
The Council is urgently investigating whether it will be better to repair the old sign or to buy a new one.
Other safety measures for this stretch of road are being considered as well.