Register of Elector Annual Canvass

Good afternoon

The Electoral Registration Officer is starting the register of elector annual canvass which we still need to do by law and will be sending out communications during July, August and September.

We try to use technology as much as possible to reduce the number of paper forms we have to post and have returned.

What can you do?

  • You may get an email asking you to check, and update where necessary, the details held for your home.  Please follow the link and use the codes to check the details.


  • You will receive a form in the post.  If required, please reply to the form promptly online.

Please encourage family and friends to follow the instructions on their communications as well and if necessary reply online.

Many thanks

Elaine Dicks, (AEA Cert.)

Electoral Services Manager

Deputy Returning Officer / Deputy Electoral Registration Officer

Wychavon District Council, Civic Centre, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Pershore, Worcs. WR10 1PT